Oral Presentation
With the aim to engage the participants in meaningful session for the exploration on scientific advancements, the conference has set several parallel sessions. Each session will contain at least 10 presentations, speakers need to adhere to the following guidelines to guarantee the successful of the session.

1. Time Allocation
Presentation TypeTotal Allotted Time
Keynote Presentation40 min
Invited Presentation20 min
Regular Oral Presentation15 min

a. Each presentation includes 3-5 minutes for question and discussion.
b. All presenters are requested to reach the session room prior to the schedule time.
c. Presenters should rehearse their presentations in advance to make sure they complete the presentation during the timeslot. A reminder will be given by the session chair when 3 minutes were left.
d. No commercial advertisements are allowed during the presentation.

2. Technical Information
1) Laptops equipped with Windows 10, Office 2010 Pro English (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) and Adobe Reader;
2) LCD projectors, Screens, Laser pointers and Microphones;
3) The presentation PowerPoint or PDF should be formatted with figures and tables, plain text is inappropriated;
4) Speakers should have their presentation data ready in a memory stick and copy it to the laptop in the session room about 15 minutes before the start time;
5) All speakers should inform the Session Chair (before the start of your Session) that you are presented.

3. Speaker Standards
Speakers Attire: Speakers are strongly encouraged to dress in business formals during presentations. Speakers should be well knowledgeable and expert in the area of presentation to meet the audience.
Presentation Skills: Presentation would definitely a topic of importance during conference session. Speakers should rehearse well in advance for the successful presentation with time management.
No commercial Advertisement: No commercial advertisements are allowed during the session.

4. About the Best Presentation
1) Each session will select one Best Oral Presentation, please ensure your Paper ID (CNT****) is shown correctly on the first or last page at your presentation data.
2) The best presenter of each session will be awarded with free registration for the next CECNet.

5. Author Correspondence
For the convenience of listeners, the basic information about the speaker is highly appreciated. As long as the registration is finished and the presentation type is confirmed, please inform the conference secretary the following information:

1) Research Interests
2) Title information (Prof. / Dr. / Ms.) (Teacher / Student)
3) Affiliation information (Department, University/Institution)
4) Country

6. Conference Attendance / Cancellation
In order to better arrange the sessions, if a speaker cannot show up on time or need to cancel the presentation, please inform the conference secretary earlier via cecnet@cecnetconf.org.