Invited Speaker

Boyang Zhou

Boyang Zhou

Research expert,, Zhejiang Lab, China
Speech Title: Disruption Resilient Data Delivery Mechanism for Communication in Smart Grids

Abstract: In the digitalized communication networks of smart electric power grids, the high reliability is required in the data packet delivery between the control center and its underlying sensors and actuators. The reliability is critically challenged due to the harshness of the network environment, where communication links can be disrupted by concomitant cascading power grid failures, unavoidable natural disasters and network congestion. For such challenge, we present the recent studies on the disruption resilient data delivery mechanism mainly including our work as follows: (i) The nondisjoint multi-path aggregation provides the path protection in hot standby meeting bandwidth and reliability constraints, which can improve the current IEC 62439 standard in data delivery reliability. (ii) The disruption resilient transport protocol (DRTP) released in open source that enables a highly reliable hop-by-hop retransmission utilizing the multiple redundant subpaths available, which can significantly reduce packet loss rate with a low delay under serious link disruptions. The outcomes of these work can advance today’s researches in the high availability of smart grid communications.

Keywords: Smart Grid Communications, Network Reliability, Transport Protocol, Next Generation Networks
Acknowledgements: The outcomes included in the presentation are mainly supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (62102375), and the Key Research and Development Program of Zhejiang Province (2020C01021).

Biography: Boyang Zhou currently serves as a research expert at Zhejiang Lab since May 2019. Additionally, he holds the position of adjunct associate professor at the School of Intelligent Science and Technology, UCAS Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study. He earned his doctoral degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University in 2014. As a PI or core team member, he has actively participated in over 10 national or provincial projects. His contributions extend to more than 40 publications in esteemed journals / conferences such as IEEE TII, IEEE COMMAG, IEEE TPDS, IEEE ICC, Globecom, INFOCOM, and USENIX ONS. Furthermore, he has applied for and been issued 30 PCT and national patents in China. He is also engaged in the publication and development of multiple standards. He has been awarded the first prize for scientific and technological progress in Zhejiang Province, the first prize for technological progress from the China Automation Society, the third prize for technological progress in the China Electric Power Technology Progress Awards, and three best papers. His research span across Industrial Internet Security, Smart Grid Communications, Active Network Security, and Future Internet.