Invited Speaker
Vasiliy Krivtsov

Vasiliy Krivtsov

Professor, Reliability Engineering, University of Maryland, USA
Director, Reliability Analytics, Ford Motor Company, USA
Speech Title: V2C (Vehicle to Cloud) Communication for Prognostics and Advanced Reliability Analysis

Abstract: With the emergence of modern technologies in the automotive industry (V2C - see Fig. 1, big data, machine learning, etc.), innovative methods of reliability and prognostics data analysis have emerged too. The talk will introduce modern reliability techniques such as models with time-dependent (sensor-based) predictors, deep survival models, IoT condition-based reliability maintenance, etc. The discussion will be illustrated by use cases from the author’s corporate and consulting experience.

Figure 1. V2C (Vehicle to Cloud) Communication System (Ford patent US20160163130A1)

Biography: Vasiliy Krivtsov is the Executive Director of Reliability & Safety Analytics at the Ford Motor Company, a Henry Ford Technical Fellow. He is also a Professor of Reliability Engineering at the University of Maryland, where he teaches graduate courses on advanced reliability data analysis. Krivtsov has earned a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine) and a PhD in Reliability Engineering from the University of Maryland (USA). He is the author of 60+ professional publications, including a book on Reliability Engineering & Risk Analysis, 11 patented inventions, and 7 trade secret inventions on statistical algorithms for Ford. He is a Vice Chair of the International Reliability Symposium (RAMS®) Tutorials Committee and a Senior Member of IEEE. Prior to Ford, Krivtsov held the position of Associate Professor of EE in Ukraine, and that of Research Scientist at the University of Maryland Center for Reliability Engineering. Further information on Dr. Krivtsov's professional activity is available at