Invited Speaker
Hongxin Zhang

Hongxin Zhang

Professor, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Speech Title: Design of a compact ultra wideband planar helical antenna

Abstract: In order to meet the wide-band full-space radio monitoring task, the design of a low-profile planar composite helical antenna and Barron structure is presented in this paper. The antenna operation covers the L-band and S-band frequencies ranging from 200MHz to 6GHz. The inner ring of the antenna adopts equiangular helix and the outer ring adopts Archimedes square helix, which not only extends the effective electrical length of the metal arm of the antenna, but also has non-frequency variable characteristics and improves the low frequency characteristics and axis ratio of the antenna. The antenna volume is reduced to 280mm*280mm*280mm. The simulated and measured results show that the antenna has a very good impedance matching. The specific results are shown below. In the range of 200MHz-6GHz band, the standing wave radio of the antenna feed system is less than 2, the test axis radio is less than 3.5dB. In the whole band, the antenna has high gain, good directivity of the direction diagram and no splitting phenomenon. Finally, the designed antenna is applied to the environmental monitoring system, which can cover the broadcast signal of about 100MHz and the UHF band above 6GHz, indicating that the optimization effect is great in the low-band.

Biography: Hongxin Zhang, professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the supervisor of PH.D/Master degree students. He had rewarded the Beijing universities’ teaching famous teacher rewards, was the vice chairman of DSP Application Expert Committee of China Electronics Society, member of the standing committee of Free radical Committee of Chinese Medical Prevention Association, committee member of World robot competition-Organizing Committee of BCI brain controlled robot competition, committee member of EMC branch and Radio propagation branch of China Electronics Society, editor in chief of the special issue of Journal of Radio Science, editorial board member of The Journal of China university of posts and telecommunications, Iraqi Journal for Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He engaged in the research of electronic and communication technology, electromagnetic information security, EMC, Bioelectronic etc. He had Completed more than 50 projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China, XIII V. planned projects, National Science and technology support program, and Published more than 200 papers, applied for more than 20 patents, published 5 works.