Invited Speaker
Hongying Zhang

Hongying Zhang

Professor, Department of Automation, Civil Aviation University of China, China
Speech Title: Application of multiple targets tracking in computer vision

Abstract: With the wide application of intelligent video surveillance in various public areas such as transportation hubs and business districts and excellent performance in security and passenger flow monitoring, computer vision technology on which it relies has become a research hotspot. Multiple target tracking is under a research direction in the field of computer vision, through analyzing the video data obtained by passengers or the location of the pedestrians and trajectory. It has high initiative, real-time and practicality relative to other positioning method which could be well applied to the safety protection, public health, traffic analysis, etc. This speech mainly focuses on the current mainstream of visual technology and multiple target tracking technology. I will introduce related definition and principle in the field of computer vision and multi-target tracking and analyze the application prospects of civil aviation by economic value, and face difficulties and challenges, which leads to the current cases and methods. Finally, the future development trend and innovation direction of tracking algorithm and engineering project will be discussed.

Biography: Hongying Zhang received Bachelor, Master, PhD degrees in electrical engineering and computer application technology respectively in 2001, 2004, 2007, and professor title in 2017. She was also a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 2010 to 2011, and still maintains scientific cooperation with the university. Currently she is a postgraduate tutor in the Department of Automation, Civil Aviation University of China, mainly engaged in computer vision and image processing, intelligence information processing in airport and other fields, participated in a number of National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, e.g. "Research on the method of automatic detection technology for foreign objects in airport runways", "Research on key technologies of airport operation situation awareness system based on big data", etc. combining image processing technology and artificial intelligence technology to conduct research on intelligent scene recognition. She serves as a reviewer for many Engineering Index journals such as " Journal of Electronics & Information Technology", "Optics and Precision Engineering", "Journal of Electronic Imaging" and other journals.