Invited Speaker
Tao Zhang

Tao Zhang

Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Speech Title: Research on Integrated energy scheduling based on Virtual Power Plant

Abstract: Through the integration of different energy resources, the virtual power plant can realize the complementary advantages of renewable energy and traditional energy, coordinate with each other, improve the economic benefit of distributed generation participating in the power market. Driven by the continuous improvement and development of smart grid technology, virtual power plants coordinate the regional power balance, which provides technical support and solid foundation for the grid connection of renewable energy generation. In November 2019, the North China Energy Supervision Bureau solicited opinions on the "third party independent main body to participate in the North China Electric Power Peak Adjustment Auxiliary Service Market pilot program (draft for comments)", to explore the power auxiliary service market participants from the generation side to the load side of the new mechanism. It is mentioned that the aggregation resources of the virtual power plant can participate in the North China power peak-shaving auxiliary service market as a third party independent main body, ensure the safe and stable operation of the North China power grid, and enhance the new energy absorption space such as wind power and photovoltaic. In view of the current situation of energy in China, the adjustment of energy structure, the absorption of renewable energy and the pressure of emission reduction have become new problems.

Biography: Tao Zhang, received the Ph.D. degree from Tongji University, Shanghai, China, in 2017. He is currently an Associate Professor with University of Science and Technology Beijing, China. His current research interests include Virtual Power Plant (VPP), Integrated energy optimization, intelligent control system, artificial intelligence and the built environment monitoring. He has completed in the National Key Basic Research and Development Plan Project (2018YFD1100204) and the Network System Basic Research of distributed Energy Development Project (973 Project 2014CB249201). Moreover, He also has completed the projects which are Research of distributed power supply participating in power market trading mode and mechanism design based on virtual power plant (2018-2020), Application analysis and Policy Suggestions of Large-scale Energy storage in Northwest Power Grid (2017-2018), and published over 50 articles in international journals and conferences and applied for more than 10 patents. He has been a reviewer for Applied energy, Applied thermal engineering, Energy conversion and management. He is serving as the guest editor of Frontiers in Energy Research (IF: 3.858, CiteScore: 2.8).